Company details at a glance

Piping of CIP-SIP- Systems

Piping of CIP- SIP- Systems for Pharma- and Foofindustry, AP- vessels for cosmeticsindustry, heated and circulation.

First UF plant

Construction of the first ultra filtration plants for well-known pharmaproducts-producing companies in Germany

New building

We moved into a new building in the Carl-Benz-Str. for the final assembly of our pharma products. Further development from pharma component manufacturing to pharma plant engineering and special machine construction. Additionally we got re-certified for our existing quality assurance.

Specialization in aseptic vessels

Specialization in aseptic product vessels, heat exchangers and filter modules.

Expansion of distribution

Expansion of our distribution for filling technology for components all across Europe.

Further development of component construction

Further development of component construction for pharma industry, cosmetics industry and biotechnology.

Storage for aseptic clamp technology

Construction of storage for aseptic clamp technology. Development of aseptic fittings for the production area and the field of CIP-SIP.

Products for cosmetics industry

Expansion of product range for cosmetics industry. Further development to welding company in accordance with DIN 3834-3

Products for Biotechnology

Manufacturing of products for Biotechnology since year 2005.

Welding company

Further development to welding company in accordance with DIN 729-3 and to european welding specialist.

New manufacturing area

We moved to a new manufacturing area with a size of 1.000 square meters. This manufacturing area owns a pickling plant and a CNC turning and CNC milling area for OEM and single item manufacturing.

Computer-based welding

Computer-based welding and specialist welding company (HP0) since year 1995.

Plant engineering for the pharmaceutical industry

Since 1992 we focus on plant engineering for the pharmaceutical industry.